Articles from new book, "Solar Energy and Urban Ecology" by Peder Vejsig Pedersen

Below is a list of some of the articles by Peder Vejsig Pedersen, Cenergia from
his book: "Building Integrated Solar Energy and Urban Ecology". It is possible
to read and print all the articles by clicking on the individual chapters.

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# Building Integrated Solar Energy an rhe Global Energy Saving Concept

# The Optibuild Tool

# PV-Vent systems

# Introduction to the Optibuild Tool

# Building Integrated PV-project at Viktoriagade,

# New Innovative Ventilation Systems with Energy Efficient Heat Recovery in Denmark

# ěkohuset (The Ecohouse) - An Architectural
Designed Ecological Standard Low-Energy House

# Advantages of Building Integration
of PV-systems

# Optimum Ventilation Design an Use of
Healthy Building Materials

# Solar Low Energy Urban Renewal in the
Hedebygade Housing Block at Vesterbro, Copenhagen

# The Sunvent and Innopex projects at
Frederiksberg in Copenhagen )

# European Green Cities (Art_8)

# Building Integrated PV-Modules

# Cost Effective Building Integrated
PV-systems with Combined Electricity and Heat Production (Eurosun 2000 paper)


# PV-Vent, Low Cost Systems, Energy Efficient
Photovoltaic Ventilation in Retrofit Housing

# Solar Low Energy Retrofit Projects
in Copenhagen with 51% Saving of District Heating Consumption

In the book Peder Vejsig presents the idea of the global energy and environmental
optimisation concept.

Development lines for application of the global energy saving concept and global energy and environmental optimised building.

1. Low-energy/solar energy building;
2. Building projects with total economy assessment;
3. Building projects with total economy optimisation;
4. Building projects with consumption and supply optimisation, including use of solar energy;
5. Building projects that include both item 3 and 4 and this way use the global energy saving concept;
6. Building projects that in addition to the global energy saving concept include a global environmental optimisation, which can be called a "global energy and environmental optimised building project".

Here the global energy saving concept can be defined as: