Greenbuild forum

The Green Build Forum is a debate forum where you can give your comments on for example the "GreenBuild Tool" and especially reflections concerning the practical use of it.
Besides it is possible to present suggestions on the subjects which are focused at in GreenBuild and to come with arguments concerning the suggested amount of energy and environmental "points (if possible, based on documentation) and it is also possible to suggest relevant website links.
Input into the GreenBuild Forum can be useful in creating an improved practice in the area of sustainable urban management.
It can here be suggested that the practical tools we can use in connection to sustainable urban management are the following:

# Green accounting directed to end users, e.g. according to SBI's (The Danish Building Research Institute) method, which already is in use at several places
# Environmentally friendly management and design systems together with sustainability evaluations
# The "Optibuild Tool" (includes life cycle cost calculations)
# An "energy and environmental point system" to promote and evaluate environmental performance ("GreenBuild Tool")
# Life cycle asessments in general