The GreenGlobal21 website has been initiated and is beeing managed by the company SolarVent in cooperation with the energy specialist company Cenergia. The main focus of the website is sustainable solar low energy building and with a main focus on indoor air quality and new promising results concerning new energy efficient heat recovery ventilation system which is using so little electricity that it is realistic to cover a reasonable amount of the low yearly electrity consumption by PV-modules.

The Greenbuild tool can be used by builders and authorities who wants to ensure as much sustainability as possible in practical projects - Thi includes for example PV-operated ventilation and healthy building materials without harmful emissions. As inspiration is presented a number of sustainable solar low energy building projects which was initiated by Director Peder Vejsig Pedersen of the company Cenergia Energy Consultants from Ballerup in Denmark and most of this material is based on his book: "Solar Energy and Urban Ecology.