Solar low-energy retrofit for an old housing block at ěsterbro in Copenhagen.

Results from monitoring of a EU-Thermie supported building project with 76 apartments, AAB dept. 23, block F which was realised in 1995.

# Fašade insulation with 200 mm of mineral wool
# Super-low energy windows with total U-value of 1.24 W/m2 oC (glass U-value 0.7 W/m2 oC)
# Solar wall with transparent insulation.
# Individual ventilation units with counter-flow heat recovery and an efficiency of 80-90%.
# Solar heating system and flow-restricted taps for domestic hot water
# Low temperature district heating
# Energy management system survey
# Glazed verandas

51% of the district heating consumption has been saved compared to the situation before the retrofit:

The diagram above illustrates the 51% saving of district heating for the 76 appartements .

The inner yard of the housing block at ěsterbro showing the solar collector modules towards south and east in the roof together with fašade insulation and south facing solar wall with transparent insulation (Okalux).

Solar wall with transperent insulation at the AAB housing block in ěsterbro in Copenhagen with solar collectors for domestic hot water in the roof. You can see that the design from the architect Klaus Boyer Rasmussen (SolarVent) works well concerning the shading effect.